Coffee To Go

Sometimes we don’t have the equipment or time to make a real cup of coffee from scratch.

Highlands Coffee can help!

Highlands has a new 3in1 coffee mix suited to every occasion when a quick but tasty hot coffee with milk and sugar is needed.

Not quite as sweet as some of the Asian three in ones, but full of aroma and flavour, Highlands three in one is the perfect choice for the great outdoors or the one cup of coffee when you just don’t have the time or motivation to start from scratch!

When Iced copffee is called for, Highlands ready to drink canned coffee gives you the taste of premium rich flavoured Vietnamese coffee in a ring pull can.

Available as cafe Da, the famous black iced Vietnamese coffee, or Cafe Sua Da, the rich creamy Vietnamese sweet white iced coffee, these are the perfect pick me up for people on the run.